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Albums released up to date: 9 Albums
  1. Isimemo sikaJehova
  2. Sizwile Izindaba
  3. Ngizobambelela
  4. Moya weNkosi
  5. Inkanyezi Emhlophe
  6. Bakhiphe Moses
  7. UJehova ungumelusi
  8. Buya nkosi Jesu
  9. Izethembiso zeNkosi
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Lead singers: Thabile Tsabedze and Timothy Myeni
Members: Sbhekile Myeni, Mzwakhe Myeni & his wife Khanyi, Khayalethu Masuku & his wife Thabile, Sihle Mathunjwa and Samu Manana.
Group members: The group consists of family members all singing with their wives.
Released and Distributed by: NCA Music Productions

In the late 1990's in the Libombo region in Swaziland a group of family members consisting of Timothy, Mzwakhe together with their sister Thabile started their journey by singing at funerals, weddings and church services then they were known as Ncandweni Trio as time went they saw the need of adding more family members and changed the name to Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors.

It was in 1998 when they started recording and then releasing their first release entitled "ISIMEMO SIKA JEHOVA". This album did wonders for the group with the hit song that went so popular "Timothy" which sold a hopping 15 000 copies which is un-usual for a first release and a new group.

"NGIZOBAMBELELA" was their second release in 1999 by now the group was known around South Africa following their previous released which paved the way for them in the gospel music. The group grew from strength to strength by the showing of the increase in their sales.

The secrecy about the group is their Bible based composition, Prayer and their dedication to God with their lives. In 2001 followed another hit titled "UMOYA WENKOSI" which is an example of a composition taken from the word of God about Prophet Hezekiah and the miracle about the dry bones in the book of Isaiah 37, people responded very positively to these kind of messages carried in the songs with the result of sales exceeding 30 000 units.

The group was well known in Swaziland, other neighbouring countries knew little about them until they joined hands with Sipho "Big Fish" Makhabane of Amanxusa Music Productions who introduced them to South African market by Marketing and Distributing them under his label then.

"Inkanyezi Emhlophe" in 2002 took the market by storm once again with the hit songs 'Ungabi yisivuvu' and 'Baleka Josefa' which were produced by Timothy and also contemplated from the word of God

"Bakhiphe Moses" was yet another hit which was released in 2003 which was once again produced by Timothy. The main attraction hit song in this album was "Ugcoke Njani" which talks about the women whose dress code that reveals more flesh which leads to rape. The album sold more than 70 000 units, which is still selling and still the favourite among the radio deejays.

2004 another heart warming album "UJehova Ungumelusi" was released with the hit track "Ngibona Amazulu" which is also taken from the bible. God has been taking the group from one level to another up to this far with sales and the response from the people showing that God was still at work.

In 2005 God did wonders with this particular release "Buya Nkosi Jesu" which carried a very powerful message that shook the whole country. With this album NCA Music Productions joined hands with Mrs Nosipho Daniels-Mtyobile director of Malihambe Records and Entertainment for the services of Marketing and Promoting the group, which lead the group to the success of reaching to places the group has never been before and resulted to the success of selling over 500 000 copies and still selling very well in the market. Songs like "Ukhonza phi?","Zulu khaya lami" and "Jesu Msindisi" moved many hearts with the message carried in them.

With the help of God Timothy once again received God's favor and gained strength to produce another following of the previous album, which took him 2 years of prayer and fasting asking God to reveal another message for the people. With the result of God answering his prayer with the title song "Izethembiso Zenkosi" which talks about the promises that God has for us when we get to heaven, that we don't see them with our eyes nor can we imagine them with our minds, only can we get to see them when we get to heaven those who have lived according to His word whilst we were still given the chance to leave. The album is set to touch and heal more souls and win souls that are still lost and bring them closer to God with the bonus track "Usenenhlanhla".

With the help of God's hand laid upon the group since it started 8 years ago the group is proud that it has reached over a 2 Million copies combined together from their 9 albums in spite the challenges and trials they have gone through during the years. The road wasn't easy, but God has been wonderful.

This amazing group that means business with God has scooped 2 SAMA Awards 14(Best Selling DVD and Best Selling Album of the year 2007 for the album Izethembiso Zenkosi.

Also the group has been won 2 awards in the Crown Gospel Awards (Best Selling Group for the album "Buya Nkosi Jesu", the best song for "Izulu Khaya Lami "from the same album.

In the first One Gospel awards 2008 the group has been nominated for two categories which will be held the end of November 2008.